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Welcome to THE BURNING HOUSE PROJECT. The project is so named, because the crimes committed and the negative behaviors and practices that are perpetuated by community members themselves, are likened to a house that is on "fire". The problem is, OUR VERY OWN LITTLE ONES are engulfed in this "fire" and the only people that can stop this cycle, are the community members themselves. All of the focus should be on safeguarding and nurturing our little ones. This initiative most certainly includes forewarning our Pre-teens about the dangers and consequences of  picking up life altering DRUGS in the first place. This will be achieved by conducting Drug PREVENTION Workshops for the Parents, Guardians, etc.  of these early age, at risk young ones. THE BURNING HOUSE PROJECT was created to open up positive and constructive dialogue, in pertinent venues, regarding this objective. WE need to PUT THE "FIRE" OUT!

Melvin Blackman, Creator of THE BURNING HOUSE PROJECT, INC.

THE BURNING HOUSE PROJECT (BHP) is a unique concept geared towards changing the participant's view of consequential thinking. Once individuals are re-focused towards the positive welfare of their very youngest children, improvements in the atmosphere of our communities can start to take shape. BHP is done in two formats. 1.) Individual Town Hall type meetings or 2.) A series of BHP groups, where internal community problems are put on the table and solutions to our own issues can be discussed by the members of the group.       

Reference material:

Please read "CRISIS IN URBAN BLACK AMERICA, THE ENEMY WE CHOOSE NOT TO SEE". Available on AMAZON KINDLE. This book specifies the exact nature of the problems addressed in THE BURNING HOUSE PROJECT. 




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Snapshot of THE BURNING HOUSE PROJECT, INC. I have presented BHP in various forums for years. Here is just a partial list; * New York State Correctional Facilities Presentations include, Sing Sing, Edgecome, Bedford Hills, Lincoln, Otisville. * Successful Pilot Re-Entry Program at Queensboro, C.F.- 5 separate groups (5 sessions each) completed at this facility in 2015. Exit surveys were overwhelmingly in approval of BHP. BHP was seen to be very different from any other program, of which there are many in prisons. This approval coming from the incarcerated indiviuals themselves. * I have done presentations at many colleges such as John Jay College, LaGuardia College, Monroe College, Kingsborough Community College and I have conducted two successful BHP workshops at Medgar Evers College in the spring of 2017. * I have done many presentations at Parole report sights. * I have also held BHP groups at Senior Centers under The Fort Greene Council. We need to bring the elders into the conversation as well. * I was invited to The White House July 27, 2010, for a one on one meeting with one of President Obama's cabinet members, who was very impressed with the potential of the approach of BHP. There is more, but this is just to give you an idea about the focus of BHP. Respectfully, Melvin Blackman, Founder of THE BURNING HOUSE PROJECT, INC.